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Rycon Group utilizes over 40 years of building experience to turn your dream home into a reality.  Feel free to browse through our portfolio to see why we should be considered for your next project.  Our intention is for your complete satisfaction.

Maintenance Division


Specializing in smaller projects, the Maintenance Division is a service of Rycon Group that brings the same level of detail and promise of execution that comes with our large-scale projects.  Whatever the issue, we can utilize one of our on-staff trained professionals to make sure that the problem is fixed in a budgeted and timely manner.








Here are a few examples of how we utilize this division:



  • Pool Opening/Closing
  • Draining of Exterior Showers
  • Storage of Outdoor Furniture
  • Blowing Out Lawn Sprinkler Systems
  • Home Winterizing
  • Gutter Cleaning, Landscape Updating
  • Spring Renewal for Start of Summer
  • Etc. 


Long after the completion of a home, years of wear and tear can make it necessary for updates and repairs.  Rycon Group has created this division in order to help keep your home in top condition as the natural elements take hold.  We offer this service not only to our previous clients, but to anyone who is seeking a trusted company to watch over the health of their properties.


Year-Round Home Inspections


Rycon recognizes that many of our clientele use their home as a seasonal getaway.  The harsh Fall, Winter, and Spring months can cause unforeseen and expensive damage to your home away from home.  Unattended to, these issues can become costly and sometimes permanent.  To counter this, we can make scheduled visits in order to closely monitor the health of your home. 


  • Thorough Interior and Exterior Property Checks on a Routine Basis
  • Complete Home Inspection After any Major Storm
  • Fuel and Electric Meters Documented
  • Spring Opening Checklist to Ready Home for Summer
  • Well Documented Log Available to You Any Time